One of the Kushners Just Donated Quite a Bit to Donald Trump’s Biggest Competitor

While we know Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump aren’t exactly the most friendly with Ivanka’s father, former US president Donald Trump, it seems a member of the Kushner family is nowhere near Team Trump.

In Donald’s rival Chris Christie’s latest filing with the Federal Election Commission obtained by Politico, it seems quite a few people have donated money to his campaign: including Jared’s uncle Murray Kushner!

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According to the latest filing, Murray and his wife Lee Kushner each donated $3,300 to Christie’s political campaign.

Not only do the two live in New Jersey, who was the 55th governor of the state from 2010 to 2018, But they donated to Christie’s 2016 campaign, per Politico.

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So, for those that don’t know, Christie’s relationship with the Kushner’s is as complicated as the Kushner’s relationship is with Donald, possibly more so. Christie was previously the US attorney for New Jersey and prosecuted Murray’s brother (Jared’s father) Charles Kusher, and sent him to prison for tax evasion among other charges.

Now, you’d think sending your brother to prison would make an easy enemy, but that’s not the case. Per Haaretz, Charles and Murray are quite estranged after it came to light that their feud started with a series of civil lawsuits filed against one another.

Because of this, it’s safe to assume that Marie and Jared aren’t exactly on speaking terms either.

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Image: St. Martin’s Press – Credit: St. Martin’s Press.

St. Martin’s Press.

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