Strikes on depots in Crimea more significant than Kerch Bridge attack, says former Aydar commander

Detonation of ammunition at the warehouse of the occupiers in the Kirov district of Crimea, July 19, 2023

Detonation of ammunition at the warehouse of the occupiers in the Kirov district of Crimea, July 19, 2023

The recent strikes on weapon depots in occupied Crimea hold greater importance than the attack on the Kerch Bridge on July 17, former Aydar Battalion platoon commander Yevhen Dykyi said in an interview with Radio NV on July 26.

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“The strike on the Crimean Bridge this time carried significantly greater political and psychological significance, as it successfully targeted its vehicular section. The main military cargoes (both ammunition and equipment) are transported via the railway section of the Crimean Bridge, not the vehicular one,” Dykyi explained.

The strikes on the Crimean Bridge have significantly impacted Russian logistics, leading to the rerouting of travelers heading to Crimea for leisure through alternative routes passing Melitopol, Berdyansk, and Mariupol, due to the precarious situation on the bridge.

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“The Crimean Bridge still needs further work; we specifically need to target its railway section. However, the Crimean weapon depots hold greater importance,” Dykyi added.

He revealed that in the past few days, four very large depots in Crimea were hit. These depots, he said, were at the army level, intended to provide logistical support for the entire Russian armed forces for at least a month.

“We’ve taken out at least four such depots in just the last week, and this should directly affect their situation at the frontlines,” Dykyi asserted.

The night of July 17 saw explosions on the Crimean Bridge, resulting in a complete halt of traffic. The Russians admitted that full restoration of the bridge would not be possible until the end of 2023. A source in law enforcement agencies informed NV that Ukraine’s SBU security service and the Ukrainian Navy were involved in the nighttime attack, which utilized surface drones.

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There have been multiple strikes on weapon depots in Crimea over the past week:

  • On July 19, a depot of the Russian Armed Forces near Staryi Krym caught fire and exploded for over a day.

  • On July 22, explosions near the settlement of Oktyabrske, located approximately 43 kilometers from Simferopol, led to the occupiers reporting a “detonation at an ammunition depot.”

  • On July 24, the Kremlin-appointed “Crimea governor” Sergei Aksionov reported a strike near Dzhankoy.

  • Most recently, on July 26, it was reported that six Russian military personnel were injured due to a strike on a repair battalion in occupied Crimea.

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