Court strikes down limits on filming of police in Arizona

A Queens man busted for dumping his brother’s body in a garbage bag on the street hours before his mother’s corpse was discovered in their home has now been charged with murdering both of them, police said Wednesday.

Roscoe Danielson, 40, has been held on Rikers Island on $50,000 bail since his July 6 arrest on charges including concealment of a human corpse.

His initial arrest came after a passerby saw blood leaking from a garbage bag covered by a blanket on the sidewalk on 104th St. near Northern Blvd. in North Corona about 1:50 p.m. July 5.

Inside the garbage bag, just three doors down from Danielson’s family home, was the body of Danielson’s brother, 31-year-old Kyle Danielson.

That discovery led cops to do a wellness check on the brothers’ mother, Cheryl Myrick, 58, at 2:30 a.m. the next day. They found her dead inside the family home.

Roscoe Danielson was seen on video dumping his younger brother’s body and later pushing a 3-year-old boy in a stroller on Northern Blvd., according to police and court documents. A black bag with a gun inside was stashed inside the stroller, court documents revealed.

Roscoe Danielson was arrested later on July 6 for concealment of a human corpse, possession of a loaded gun, tampering with physical evidence and endangering the welfare of a child.

Danielson was charged with two counts of murder Tuesday following a determination from the city Medical Examiner that his brother was shot and his mother suffered multiple puncture wounds from an unknown sharp object.

“He’s kind of a weird guy,” Andre Myrick, the dead woman’s brother, told the Daily News after his nephew’s initial arrest. “I wouldn’t have thought he did what he did.”

The uncle, 59, described the victims as good people.

Kyle Danielson was a construction worker who “would help anybody,” Andre Myrick said. Cheryl Myrick worked at a nursing home and doted on her children.

A motive for the murders has not yet been determined but Andre Myrick said his sister had once told another relative that “if anything happens to me, it’s (Roscoe) that did it.”

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