Chicago 11-Year-Old Was Beaten So Bad By Two Adult Women She Has to Get Two Eye Surgeries; No Arrests Made

An 11-year-old Chicago girl was physically and verbally attacked by two women from her Lawndale neighborhood.

In addition to hitting the girl with a bottle and punching her in her face, the child alleges they also hurled racial slurs her way.

The incident is being investigated by the Chicago Police Department, but the two adults who caused injuries to Trinity Washington’s right eye that required surgery have not been taken into custody.

11-Year-Old Beaten So Bad By Two Adult Women She Has to Get Two Eye Surgeries; No Arrests Made

Trinity Washington says she was attacked by two women. (Photo: YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago)

The women were hosting a Mexican Independence Day celebration on Sunday, Sept. 17, and used the N-word toward the Black family, the child reports.

“That word shouldn’t be used toward us; it shouldn’t be used against anybody because that’s a bad word,” Trinity told local station ABC7.

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The family claims that minutes after being verbally harassed, the neighbors assaulted the child because she didn’t move her 3-month-old Yorkie, Barbie, out of their path. Their attack began first with a bottle and escalated to the use of them using their bare hands to pummel the middle school cheer captain.

“I looked up, and a bottle was being thrown to my face; I dropped down because I felt something hard. She punched me in my nose. When she punched me, I almost blacked out, and I fell again,” Washington told the local station.

“My eye is in so much pain, my eye and my nose,” she added.

The injuries were so severe she was taken to the hospital and received surgery on the night of the beating. She is now preparing to go for a second surgery to mend her eye on Friday, Sept. 22.

Read the full story at Atlanta Black Star.

A police report says the incident is being listed as aggravated battery of a child, but no arrests have been made pending the investigation.

The sixth-grade honor student’s mother, Wanda Porter, wants justice.

“I want justice; I want them to see her. Everyone has been so supportive, sharing the love, letting her know she is beautiful. I’m just heartbroken that this happened to her,” Porter said in the interview.

On her social media, the mother wrote, “I’m so hurt behind this … please continue to pray for my baby.”

Washington said she is baffled as to why all of this happened to her.

“I didn’t do anything; all I was trying to do is put my dog in the house,” the girl maintains, noting one of the women stepped on the small dog during the altercation.

Barbie survived being stepped on. Washington is hoping that things will get better for her, too.

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