'I wish I could come back'

A Virginia mother who was reported missing earlier this month amid allegations of child abuse told a local news reporter that she and her three children are doing well.

A missing persons investigation began Sept. 13, after Lauren Cook failed to appear for a rescheduled court appearance in Franklin County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, authorities said. This was a rescheduled court appearance from a Sept. 5 date in which she did not appear.

Cook has been missing with her three children — 7-year-old Benjamin Cook, 5-year-old Hannah Cook and 2-year-old Elijah Cook. Her husband, Jordan Cook, said that his family was not missing.


Lauren Cook in side-by-side images with her three children

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia wrote in a Facebook post that 30-year-old Lauren Cook and her three children was last seen on Sept. 5, and efforts to get in touch with her have been unsuccessful since then.

Lauren Cook, 30, spoke with ABC 13 News via a video call and over an app that can’t be tracked, the news outlet said.

“I just don’t have any solid answers yet as to what’s happening with this case,” she said.


She said everything began with an anonymous report to social services alleging child abuse, which she denies.

Despite an investigation, Cook said she was given legal advice that she could proceed with a pre-planned Labor Day vacation. She extended the trip after receiving legal advice, but was concerned that her children would be taken away.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said Cook and the children will remain listed as missing until they make in-person contact with authorities.

Lauren Cook sitting inside a vehicle

Law enforcement officials said Cook is missing with her children, 7-year-old Benjamin Cook; 5-year-old Hannah Cook; and 2-year-old Elijah Cook.

“The whole thing has me feeling a little paranoid about the situation with law enforcement,” Cook said. “Why do they need me to specifically come in-person with kids … when even the person that made the report is telling them that none of us are missing.”


“Of course, I wish I could come back,” she added. “It’s hard to not really able to come back, come back to your own home.”

Fox News Digital has reached out to authorities.

Jordan Cook said he and his wife have not missed any social service appointments. His attorney said the social services case was dismissed this week, the news outlet reported.

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