Perry Mason Would Have A Field Day With This Latest Donald Trump Typo

’s latest embarrassing typo was pretty petty. Literally.

The former president on Thursday used his Truth Social platform to accuse Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing his civil fraud trial, of being a “radical left judge” after Engoron fined Trump $10,000 for violating a gag order that banned him from discussing his staff.

Trump also likened his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen’s confession, on the stand, to lying to Congress and in court to an episode of the fictional law series “Perry Mason.”

But Trump spelled “Perry” wrong.

Instead, he wrote “Petty.”

“It was like watching the end of the best Petty Mason episode, where the defendant breaks down and cries, ‘Yes, I did it, I did it, I did it,’” ranted Trump.

Critics were predictably petty in their replies:


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