Michael Cohen Produces Old Trump Document To Make Damning Point About Ex-Boss

Former Donald Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen on Monday held up a document live on MSNBC, which he claimed showed how little the former president’s tactics have changed over the years.

Cohen told anchor Jen Psaki that he discovered the decade-old note, which appeared to feature Trump’s handwriting, in a drawer. Psaki noted it hadn’t been independently verified by MSNBC.

The note read: “Obama reps is (sic) using lightweight New York State Attorney General to target political enemies.”

Trump frequently attacked Schneiderman over the then-attorney general’s office’s lawsuit against his eponymous Trump University. Trump agreed to pay $25 million in fraud settlements to former program students.

“He does the same thing over and over and over,” Cohen said during a discussion about Trump’s civil fraud trial. New York Attorney General Letitia James alleges Trump and his business overvalued assets to cut deals and score loans from banks.

Cohen added, “All you have to do is remove Eric Schneiderman’s name from it, put it into Letitia James, or put it into Jack Smith, or put it into anyone. It’s the same language over and over.”

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