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A man was arrested after being accused of breaking into a home and pouring boiling water on the men inside, Massachusetts police said.

Officers with the Yarmouth Police Department went to a home on Nov. 11 and found a man suffering from “severe burns” to his chest and lower body, according to a Nov. 13 Facebook post by the department.

Christian Tenney, 32, is accused of breaking into the home through a bathroom window before pulling out a knife to threaten the men, police said.

Tenney “made a gesture as if he was getting ready to stab one of them,” then a fight broke out during which a pot of boiling water was “used as a weapon,” officials said. Both of the men were burned as a result, according to the post.

Police didn’t specify the victims’ condition.

McClatchy News reached out to the Yarmouth Police Department on Nov. 13 for more information and was awaiting a response.

Tenney, who police believe knew the men in the house, then fled, officials said.

Tenney was found in Barnstable, about 5 miles west of Yarmouth, and arrested on counts of home invasion, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and receiving stolen property, the release said.

Yarmouth is about 80 miles southeast of Boston.

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