Court strikes down limits on filming of police in Arizona

Dec. 28—A Dayton man who pleaded guilty to sex abuse and extortion charges was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday.

Kendall Jones, 21, was also ordered to register as a Tier III sex offender, according to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. Tier III offenders are required to register their address every 90 days for the rest of their life.

Jones pleaded guilty to three counts each of of sexual battery and extortion and one count of gross sexual imposition earlier this month.

The investigation started on Jan. 13 when Dayton police received a report that a 15-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by Jones.

The teen told officers she believed another 15-year-old was also assaulted, according to Dayton Municipal Court records.

The second girl reported being “catfished” about three years ago. Catfishing is when a person creates a fake identity or poses as another person on social media to target people on social media for financial compensation or to compromise the victim.

“Kendall Jones led (the girl) to believe nude photos of her would be released if she did not perform sexual acts with him,” the affidavit read.

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