Ex-Trump Aide Reveals 'Scary' Moments He Wanted People Killed

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served as White House communications director under Donald Trump, said a shocking courtroom hypothetical about presidents ordering people killed may not be so hypothetical when it comes to her former boss.

Attorneys for Trump this week argued that presidential immunity means a president can’t be prosecuted unless impeached and convicted first ― even in a case such as ordering the assassination of a political rival.

Farah Griffin, now a co-host of “The View,” called that claim “scary” when it comes to Trump.

“The problem is with Trump this isn’t super outside of the realm of possibility that we would be in a scenario like that,” she said on Wednesday’s show, then elaborated:

“When he was told his VP had to be evacuated from the Capitol for his own safety, he said, basically, ‘So what?’ Then he said he deserved it when there were ‘Hang Mike Pence’ signs. He alluded to Gen. Milley should be executed. He, in a meeting I was in in the Oval Office with a dozen other staffers, said that an aide should be executed for leaking something negative about him.”

“So this is a man who will push kind of every boundary that’s out there,” she said.

Farah Griffin went into more detail about the Oval Office incident during an episode of “The View” that aired last month.

“Right before I resigned, I was in an Oval Office meeting with a dozen other staffers, and somebody had, he thinks, leaked a story about him going to the bunker during the George Floyd protests,” she said. “And he said, ‘Whoever did that should be executed.’”

That moment was also described in Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender’s 2021 book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election.”

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