Extreme cold hits Idaho. What Boise School District wants parents to know

As frigid temperatures hit the Treasure Valley this week, Boise School District administrators say they’ll follow the district’s procedures for extreme cold to ensure students remain safe.

The Boise School District said it historically hasn’t closed schools down because of extreme cold. But the district allows for parents to keep their children at home if they believe it’s unsafe to travel to school.

“Our top priority is always the well-being of our students and staff, and we take this responsibility very seriously,” Boise School District administrators said in a news release Monday.

Boise temperatures dropped to single digits early Monday morning and are expected to get colder overnight, with the National Weather Service predicting temperatures close to zero degrees Tuesday, according to previous Idaho Statesman reporting.

The district’s procedures say schools will close if there are “dangerous” weather conditions — such as heavy snowfall or “treacherous” streets from ice. Students will also remain indoors for recess and other activities when Boise temperatures fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the school district noted.

Administrators also recommended that parents monitor school buses and potential delays — parents can download a bus tracker mobile app listed on the school district’s website — and ensure students are dressed appropriately for the extreme cold.

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