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Half of all complaints about homeowners associations in South Carolina last year came from three counties, a new state report shows.

The three counties had a total of 50.6% of all the complaints levied against 298 HOAs/management companies in 2023, according to a new S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs report. The department has filed annual HOA complaint reports since 2019, following a change in state law that requires that data from those complaints be given to the governor, General Assembly and the public every year.

Here are the three counties with the most complaints in 2023.

  • Horry: 24.4%

  • Richland: 15.3%

  • Charleston: 10.9%

HOA complaint report highlights

The new report contains details from 365 complaints filed against HOAs/management companies in 2023 — a 32% increase over the previous year.

The complaints raised 742 concerns, multiples of which were included in single complaints. The top three types of concerns raised included:

  1. Failure to adhere to and/or enforce covenants and bylaws (15.7%)

  2. Concerns regarding maintenance and repairs (12.7%)

  3. Consumers disagree with HOA fees/special assessments (8.9%)

Of the total complaints, 67% were closed, meaning an adequate business response was received. However, consumers were satisfied with the outcome of the complaint resolution process in 12 complaints.

Some of the satisfactory resolutions included refunds, credits and adjustments being issued; requested financial information being provided; and repairs or maintenance being made.

The report shows that 22% of complaints were closed “undetermined” due to disputed facts, which is a 3% increase over the previous year.

“The Department closes complaints that are complex and or contentious in nature under this category due to the agency’s statutory limitations,” the report states.

To view all individual complaints, click here.

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