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Feb. 12 (UPI) — Security cameras were recording in a California neighborhood when a family’s dog fended off an attack from a mountain lion.

Giant schnauzer Holly was let out into her family’s La Verne yard just before 9 p.m., and security cameras recorded the moment a mountain lion pounced on the 3-year-old, 93-pound canine.

Holly struggled with the cougar for 48 seconds before neighbors who witnessed the attack were able to chase the predator away.

Cameras recorded the mountain lion returning to the scene of the attack about 20 minutes later.

Holly was treated for a gash to her neck and is recuperating at home.

Another La Verne dog needed 30 stitches after chasing a mountain lion away from his family’s property in 2021. Rocky, a 7-year-old shepherd mix, disappeared into the night with the cougar, but returned home more than half an hour later with multiple injuries. He went on to make a full recovery.

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