Stephen Colbert Utterly Stunned By Newsmax Question For Donald Trump

Stephen Colbert on Thursday ripped Newsmax’s Greg Kelly over his recent interview with Donald Trump.

Colbert slammed the sitdown for having “real ‘Dear Leader,’ state-run TV vibes.”

The “Late Show” host was stunned by one “actual question” that Kelly put to the four-times-indicted former president ― who is now GOP 2024 nominee ― about the multiple criminal investigations he is under.

“These cases were made to destroy you and they’ve helped you and some of us […] we see that you’re protected maybe even by the hand of God, has that ever crossed your mind?” Kelly asked Trump.

The late-night host earlier spotted “a verbal tic that Trump has been leaning on a lot recently” which is when he says the phrase, “A thing called.”

He also challenged “coward” Trump to act on his wild claim that everyone, including Democrats, wants to be his running mate.

Watch Colbert’s full monologue here:


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