Kellyanne Conway Makes Bizarre Claim About 'Thoughts And Prayers'

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway said Democrats are losing minority voters partly because the left is “openly hostile to religion,” as evidenced by white people “jogging and having brunch” on Sunday instead of going to church. (Watch the video below.)

But that may not have been the most noteworthy of Conway’s comments on Wednesday.

During an appearance on Fox Business’ “Kudlow,” the former Donald Trump adviser asserted that Democrats have omitted the “prayers” from the “thoughts and prayers” condolence, which is often given after mass shootings and other tragedies.

The whole phrase has been dismissed by many for years as a cliche that has lost meaning — and yet Conway harped on the point.

“They’re always offering their thoughts now,” she told host Larry Kudlow. “They won’t even say ‘thoughts and prayers’ anymore. ‘I offer you my thoughts, Larry.’ They won’t even say ‘prayers.’”

Conway’s assertion comes days after Fox News hosts led viewers in sponsored Christian prayer during “Fox and Friends.” So her focus on religion should not come as a surprise.

HuffPost could find no movement afoot to suggest that the “prayers” omission is a trend, but we wouldn’t mind if public officials tried to find more heartfelt alternatives to “thoughts and prayers.” And in the case of gun massacres, some action would be welcomed by Democrats and the majority of the country.


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