Court strikes down limits on filming of police in Arizona

Apr. 11—Work is set to begin this week on a project that will result in disruptions in the traffic flow along U.S. Highway 69/George Nigh Expressway in McAlester.

It’s set to result in only one lane of traffic along a section of the heavily-traveled highway for both north and southbound motorists — possibly for up to four months.

Plans call for work on the mill and resurfacing project to start Friday, April 12, with a shoulder repair, with preliminary signage and cones already in place along the highway to inform motorists of the construction project.

Parts of the highway under construction will extend through the highway’s intersection at S. 14th Street, which is the Shops at McAlester shopping center intersection.

Highway construction will also extend through the S. Ninth Street intersection — meaning both main intersections on that stretch of the highway will be affected.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation personnel contacted the city of McAlester regarding the construction plans, said City of McAlester Public Information Officer Adrian O’Hanlon III.

“Officials advised everyone to be cautious,” O’Hanlon said.

ODOT told the city when construction starts on the northbound lanes, traffic will be narrowed to one lane in each direction on the four-lane highway.

Plans call for both lanes of traffic to be in the southbound side of the highway so construction can commence on the northbound lanes.

Once crews complete work on the northbound lanes, then both lanes of north/south traffic will be moved into the northbound lanes, so work can begin on the southbound side.

Highway construction on the project will extend for 4,503 feet, or for more than eight-tenths of a mile.

More than the main stretch of the highway will be affected. Plans include concrete additions on service roads where drivers are turning off the highway at the Ninth Street intersection, with plans to also repair part of the 14th Street intersection.

When work begins, contractors will have 120 days to complete the project.

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