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Did your email inbox clog up with bulk trash this week? You’re not alone.

Phoenix Public Works spammed more than 235,000 email users earlier this week with duplicate messages about changes to the city’s bulk trash schedule. The city sent most recipients between five and six of the same email for a total of 800,000 duplicate messages, according to city spokesperson Spencer Blake.

The problem stemmed from a software glitch from the city’s vendor, Greenrope.

Want your bulk trash hauled in Phoenix? Soon you’ll need an appointment

On Thursday, the vendor apologized in a statement and said it had an “internal network issue that caused an interruption in confirming that emails had been sent out, and our software did not properly account for that interruption. This caused our networks to send out multiple duplicates of the same message, something we know is concerning to everyone involved.”

The vendor said the problem was resolved midday Wednesday, and that the company has taken steps to prevent the error from happening again.

The city is changing how it handles bulk trash pick-up at the end of the summer. On Sept. 30, city residents can schedule their bulk trash collection through an online portal, instead of waiting for quarterly pickup.

The change will replace quarterly pickup, so residents will be required to schedule appointments if bulk trash pickup is needed. The city’s final quarterly pickup is between July and September — the exact week varies by neighborhood.

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